Training Courses

Community and church leaders in Chile, Argentina Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Mexico are offered five courses of training to equip them to help their countries deal with the social, spiritual, emotional and moral effects of trauma and conflict. The courses are:

Basic course-(5 days) basic training to equip leaders in trauma resilience

The Four Winds of Healing- Hope for Communities and Congregations-(2 days) explores how communities heal and the role of shame as an obstacle and an opportunity for restoration.

Odyssey from Victim to Healer-Hope for Individual Healing-(2 days) offers more extensive study of the body/brain response in a trauma, and the path of healing for individuals with specific tools and practices for managing post traumatic stress and anxiety.

Transforming Conflict to Dialogue-(2 days) provides skills and processes to lead a community from conflict to renewal.

Facilitating Healing- (2 days) Participants who have completed four other courses may be selected to take this specialized training in education theory and practice, applied to facilitating trauma healing in communities.

Leaders who complete the entire training program are certified as facilitators, and are able to teach all the courses in their own contexts.