Advancing Veterans' Resilience 

Teaching Resilience to Thrive on the Other Side

Our trainings develop and hone the awareness, skills, and processes of resilience. We empower people to thrive on the other side of adversity. We offer two foundational trainings: 

Conflict Transformation and Dialogue

Trauma Resilience/STAR

Additional Brookfield courses and seminars build on these foundation courses to teach more advanced concepts and practices that build resilience.  Our unique cross-disciplinary programs speak to our participants on emotional, spiritual, and intellectual levels. All of our programs, refined through years of research and practice, help individuals, families, and communities to respond in healthy ways to change, conflict and trauma. We help a resilient community to: 

  •  Learn how to heal from trauma as individuals and as a community

  • Avoid or break out of destructive cycles of victimhood and violence

  • Connect and work through differences by engaging in healthy dialogue and honoring the dignity of every individual

  •  Foster self-aware, effective leaders

 Conflict and adversity touches each community and family at one time or another — through financial challenges, transitions, personal loss, difficult decisions and differences. With the right skills and perspectives, these tensions don’t have to lead to destructive altercation, but can be opportunities for creativity and spiritual growth.


We also work with communities in Latin America. Read more about our work there.