Journey Home from War

The Journey Home from War is a non-partisan training program based on Trauma Resilience training (STAR), developed for the 9/11 aftermath. The Brookfield Institute was the first to apply the STAR training to veterans and it has since become a national model. The STAR training is evidence-based and builds awareness of trauma-related injuries and teaches methods of coping and healing. The application of theory and practice originate from neurobiology, conflict transformation, human security, spirituality, and restorative justice to address the needs of trauma-impacted populations. The mission is to strengthen the capacity of leaders and organizations to address the needs of veterans and their families, to break cycles of trauma, and to build resilience.

The training is led by Brookfield Institute co-founder Dr. Beverly Prestwood-Taylor, an international trauma healing expert who oversees a team of highly credentialed trainers in conflict transformation, trauma healing, and community building and organization. The training is for military families and service providers. Veterans who have served as many as 50 years ago have benefited from this training.

This two-day workshop is designed to assist participants in understanding the journey of healing. This workshop will review the basic theory as it applies to experience of veterans and military families including:

  •   the effects of trauma on the body, mind and spirit,
  •  common responses to unhealed trauma,
  • recognizing the symptoms of traumatic brain injury
  •   insight about coping with moral injury, and
  • new skills and strategies to chart a healing journey.

In addition, participants will learn about the process of coming home faced by all veterans, such as:

  • stages veterans move through as they prepare for deployment and as they return;
  • battle mind: unlearning some aspects of basic training in order to re-acclimate to life with their families, and
  • creating a specific plan to support veterans and military families.

Journey Home from War training conducted by Brookfield Institute regularly receives over a 90% net promoter score from participants who would recommend the STAR training to a friend or colleague.